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5 Website Builder Myths De-bunked

What is a website builder? Website builders are platforms that allow you to build your website without using any coding, sometimes called “drag and drop websites” or “DIY websites”, and are usually subscription based. For example: Rocketspark, Squarespace, WIX.

They are becoming a more popular website option for small to medium businesses, and offer a great range of flexibility as a designer. Even so, there are still many misconceptions about using them and why they wouldn’t be a good website option, here are 5 common myths de-bunked.

Myth 1: Website builder sites don’t have good SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined by multiple aspects of a website including the set-up of keywords, descriptions, website content and many other back-end details. When you’re thinking about website SEO, you need to also think of it is a marathon, not a sprint; you keep improving it over time.

Consistent, high quality written content (blogs, video transcripts, podcast transcripts) are all great ways for search engines, like Google, to recognize your website as a source of relevant and useful information for it’s readers. In this case, high quality and consistent content is always going to win, especially when you put the effort into knowing your audience and what they are interested in.

Aside from all these aspects, SEO on websites built with these platforms tend to be high quality as your using a company that understands how to drive SEO themselves. 

For more information on how having a Rocketspark website helps your SEO, check out this article:

Myth 2: They create “Cookie Cutter” websites

This may have been true when ‘DIY’ website builders first came onto the scene, but with any website builder now days you have (many) templates to choose from, and they are all customizable to add your own brand flare. I’m definitely not a fan of everyone’s websites looking the same either, so I make sure all my sites are unique.

When I design a website I choose templates for functionality (not looks), then I delete all the existing content and start the design from scratch. With this method, I remove any design constructs I may have had with the template and allow more space for creativity. This is why hiring a professional designer is a great investment in your business – you end up with a unique, professional, high functioning website.

Myth 3: You need custom coding to make a high functioning website

All websites are coded, this is how the internet works (even your cat GIF’s you share on messenger require some level of code). Using a website builder means that the masters behind the scenes have just already done this part for us (bonus!).

Even though custom coding is not necessary, you can always add it if you need to get a really specific feature. There are so many features already available, most likely you’ll be able to achieve what you’re looking for within the program features, just ask your designer! 

At the end of the day, high functioning websites have less to do with which platform you’re creating it on, and more to do with; the content, design, image and video sizes, and many more elements that a professional website designer handles as part of the process. These will affect loading time and user experience.

Myth 4: They can't handle high traffic without lagging

As I’ve pointed out above, there are many factors that effect your website performance and these also relate to how it handles traffic. Remember that the functionality of these website builders are designed and managed by professionals, and are constantly being updated and scanned for tech issues.

Tip: To minimize load times make sure your photos and videos are being downsized before being uploaded to your website.

Myth 5: They don’t switch between desktop and mobile view well

We are in a device driven world today, so having your website mobile friendly is crucial. Unfortunately I still come across the odd website that looks jumbled and hard to read on my phone, which will be majorly increasing their bounce rate (ouch!).

Any website builder you decide to go with should have an automatic functionality to convert your website from desktop to mobile view. During the design process your designer will be able to tweak these details and make sure your website looks it’s absolute best on all device types. 

When it is designed by you for a professional, it should always have a seamless transition between mobile and desktop views for the best user experience.

Why use Rocketspark?

  • Rocketspark is a New Zealand owned and operated website builder company.
  • It has an easy to use platform that makes updating your own website a breeze.
  • Has a lot of flexibility for designs which means I can still be super creative with my designs.
  • Great NZ based support for you as a website owner as well as a designer.


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